Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA as it’s commonly called, is an agricultural production system that sees the consumer share risk with the farmer by agreeing to buy food in advance of the production.  It’s a system that sees consumers and producers form a partnership. It brings people closer to their food source, and is the best alternative for those who are determined to eat ethically but who can’t grow/raise the food themselves.

I’ve written a blog post about our proposed CSA scheme, the reasoning behind it, and the benefits to both our farm and the CSA members.  That post can be found here


Our CSA offering is broken into shares of 5kg each.  We have a mixture of box options available, those being:

·        Pork Only – contains only pork prime cuts and smallgoods.

·        Mixed Mammal – contains a mixture of pork, lamb, beef, and smallgoods.

·        Mixed Mammal Plus Fowl – like the Mixed Mammal, with the inclusion of chicken.

Each of these boxes is available in 1, 2, or 3 share/month options.  That is, a 5kg, 10kg, or 15kg monthly box.

Each box will contain a range of pre-packaged and labelled cuts (chickens are whole), and may include our lovely smallgoods (e.g. bacon, ham, mettwurst).  Those cuts will vary seasonally and as per our production and availability. No two boxes will be the same from customer-to-customer or month-to-month.

We have an annual pricing model, where you effectively subscribe for a year.  Payment can be monthly, six-monthly in advance, or annually in advance, with discounts applied to the advance payments.  The small print around terms and conditions can be found below.

Pick-up can be from either of our current two markets (Saturday or Sunday) or from our farm gate (any day, by negotiation). Alternatively, we can negotiate a delivery scheme if required.

We also understand that your family’s meat needs/wants don’t always fit into neat 5kg lots. With that in mind, we’d like to offer our loyal CSA members a 10% discount off of our market produce.  You can either take advantage of that by visiting us at the market, or give us a call and we can top off your box with some extra goodies.

Our box and share offerings are listed below, along with the pricing schedule.


  • Monthly payments are due on the Tuesday before delivery.
  • ​All payments are to be made via direct deposit, unless otherwise agreed.
  • The six-monthly in advance payment attracts a 5% discount.
  • The annual in advance payment attracts a 10% discount.
  • Subscriptions can be suspended and held open for up to three months if a month’s notice is given.
  • Subscriptions can be cancelled, and will attract no charges if a family on the waiting list can take on the commitment. If not, there will be a charge equivalent to one month’s subscription.
  • Box options without pork can be negotiated for a slightly higher fee.
  • The chickens are not grown by us, but are sourced locally from a farmer we know and trust. We currently can only offer entire birds, but can look at other cuts if the demand is there.
  • CSA boxes will be available on the last weekend of the month. They’ll actually be available the Thursday/Friday before if people want to grab them from the farm gate.


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